Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The "PUN"ch Line


Q: Two silk worms are in a race. Who won?

A: Neither! They both ended up in a TIE!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: Because, once he started, he couldn't go BAWK!


Q: Vatican announced that swiss cheese is it's official cheese. Why?

A: Because it was HOLY!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don't For Parents

                                                    Top 10 DON'TS for Parents

  1. Do NOT make bonding plans without your kid. You want to make sure your kid wants to do the activity or they won't enjoy bonding with you! 
  2. Don't try really hard to be cool! Chances are, they won't think you're cool. It has most likely been a while since you were a kid if you have to try to get them to think you're cool, so the "cool" things may have changed.
  3. Never invade their privacy (they'll probably hate you for it!) If they're mad, let them  cool off; they'll come out when they're ready. Also, don't try to find out their secrets! They're called "secrets" for a reason!
  4. Don't just assume what they'd like. You might accidentally input some of your opinion. Remember their age, personality, and favorites when making a decision.
  5.  For the protection of others, don't spoil you're kids too much. Giving them whatever they want can turn them into "Verruca Salt-like" kids, teens, and adults.
  6. Don't always use the regular parenting skills. Think of creative ways to discipline them, get them to do chores, and make them mature. Make them fun for the kids though!
  7. Don't pressure your kids too much! They will get stressed and fail in school, behave badly, and they might have an emotional breakdown.
  8. Don't help when it's not needed. Most kids are independent, and they won't want to be around you.
  9. Don't always ignore bad behavior. Sometimes, they'll keep doing it until you do something about it.
  10. Don't just guess what happened in a situation, and, don't always believe witnesses. They might be taking someone's side. Also, if you didn't see it, one person will most likely lie.